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Domaine Monastrel


The vines are planted on the south-eastern slopes of the Serre d’Oupia, the first foothills of the Black Mountain (300 metres above sea level).

 Millennia of erosion have created gentle slopes formed of limestone scree at the foot of the Serre. These are gravel soils, deep and well-drained.

The climate is favourable to late grape varieties such as Carignan, the traditional vine of the Minervois, and Mourvèdre, a native of Spain.

Gravel and sandstone soils, ancient alluvial deposits of the river Cesse. Terraces and pebbly slopes facing south, south-east.

Upkeep of the vines

The Domaine Monastrel is engaged in a programme of reasoned agriculture. Practices which promote disease prevention are favoured.

Moreover, a well-tended vineyard naturally better resists parasites and pests. Grass is grown around the vines to make them hardier and obviate the need for weed-killers.